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Individual, Marriage and Therapy for Adults, Adolescents and Children


2130 Millburn Avenue
Suite c-8
Maplewood, New Jersey 07040
Phone: 973-763-8123


"Show me a problem child and I'll show you a problem parent."

"You cannot have a problem child, without a problem parent."

Powell Group, PA is a privately owned and operated mental health service providing individual and family therapy for the surrounding communities for over twenty-five years. Bill Powell, MSW has been the owner and central practitioner, working specifically with the African American and Latino community. Powell Group, PA presently serves clients of all cultures, creeds and orientations.


The Powell Group Approach

Over the past twenty-five years, Powell Group, PA has developed a systems approach to helping individuals, children and families. The systems approach is multifaceted and has a foundation of spirituality and faith. Our approach relies on the recognition that a strong spiritual and faith base is crucial to success in psychotherapy and counseling.
Individually, we become conditioned because of past experiences and events, good and bad. The Powell Group approach to therapy will allow one to see how this conditioning process affects behavior, attitude and judgment about ourselves as well as our relationships.


Therapy Sessions

Family sessions are conducted with the entire family. During the initial session, an assessment is made to see whether the child(ren) will be seen individually or with the family. Sessions are conducted with the intention of focusing on the treatment of individual as well as familial issues. Family members are helped to understand that their own family of origin issues, learned behavior, and unaddressed psychological needs influence the familial relationships and the problems therein. Change in both the parent(s) and child(ren) is emphasized in session. In most instances, three to four weekly sessions will result in a more stable family. School assessments can be made, as well as visits to your child's school to speak with teachers, principals and guidance counselors as appropriate.

Marital Counseling

Marital counseling begins with an assessment during the initial session. A decision is made whether to continue seeing the couple jointly or individually. In most instances, each individual is seen bi-weekly and jointly once a month. Focus will be on understanding the individual with the use of psycho-dynamic, behavioral, psycho-educational, systems, cognitive, humanistic, and spiritual approaches. During the joint sessions, each member of the marital unit is given homework assignments to help work through their marital issues.